the program

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With my Hypnoquit sessions, I will spend time identifying triggers that are specific to you and finding out the real reasons why you want to quit smoking cigarettes for good. That means I can tailor the hypnotherapy to target your specific issues, needs and requirements.

This revolutionary technique has gained worldwide acceptance and boasts a 99.9% success rate of clients quitting after only one session. I am extremely confident in my system, which is why I back it up with a 12 month guarantee (see details below).

why use Hypnoquit?

The great thing about hypnosis is that it enables lasting change to occur quickly and easily. All you have to do is enjoy the relaxing state of hypnosis and follow the simple directions given. The processes themselves then take care of making the change happen. For most smokers, quitting is just the beginning of a life of greater health, wealth, happiness and success.

  • You dont need to use willpower
  • Struggle of quitting is removed
  • No drugs or side effects
  • Painless and actually enjoyable
  • Session tailored to you
  • Your smoking triggers dealt with
  • Addresses possibility of weight gain
  • Time efficient

12 month guarantee

If you complete my Hypnoquit session and take up smoking at any point in the future, you are entitled to one follow up session to repeat the program and kick the habit for good. No questions asked. Whether it’s six weeks, seeks months or six years, I am committed to seeing you successfully quit smoking – for good!

Terrie specialises in hypnotherapy, life coaching, weight loss and smoking cessation

if you are looking to transform or help save yours or a loved one’s life by giving up smoking then Terrie Popper is the person for you! If you or someone you know is readyto quit smoking, go immediately and see Terrie. Terrie thank you, you are amazing!

Damien Mu