if you are looking to transform or help save yours or a loved one’s life by giving up smoking then Terrie Popper is the person for you! If you or someone you know is readyto quit smoking, go immediately and see Terrie. Terrie thank you, you are amazing!

Damien Mu

Terrie offers such compassion, kindness and care which puts you at ease straight away, her commitment and dedication to me through both my sessions was amazing. I had never experience this before from a practitioner. I found Terrie to be exceptionally thorough and non-judgmental, her ability to be practical and passionate comes effortlessly and her knowledge of material is extraordinary. I felt she went above and beyond for me.

I cannot put into words what Terrie has done for me I have sent my family members to see her as well as recommend friends and colleagues. She does profound work with a highly professional standard, I could not recommend her more highly as a practitioner.


Hi Terrie, I wanted to bring to your attention that today is my 2 year anniversary for ceasing smoking.YIPPEE!! You made stopping so easy and I have never looked back.

Craig Petersen

Thank you so much Terrie for helping me finally kick my smoking habit. It has now been almost 6 months and i have not touch a cigarette since leaving your office and I feel AMAZING!

‎Lauren Hodgson

Terri, thank you so much for my session back in September. You’ve been an amazingly positive influence and I cannot recommend you highly enough!

‎Sarah Grace Lye‎

Its been 219 days since my last cigarette. Thats $5000 dollars I’ve saved but most importantly this has made me feel healthier clearer in mind and knowing I’ve done this has giving me more motivation to set other goals in my life. So big thanks to Terrie for her great work and most of all believing in me

Brenton Peterson‎
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